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Fluoride Treatment – Saginaw, TX

Fast and Efficient Protection Against Cavities

At Saginaw Dental, we believe consistent preventive dental care is the best way to help patients retain their natural, beautiful smile for as many years as possible. That is why we offer topical fluoride treatments in addition to routine dental exams and cleaning. Patients of all ages can benefit from the cavity-fighting powers of fluoride – especially young children! Give your teeth or your children’s teeth an extra layer of protection against decay by scheduling a fluoride treatment with Dr. Rupeshwar Renkuntla.

Family smiling after fluoride treatments from dentist

What Is Fluoride?

Woman receiving fluoride treatment

Fluoride is a naturally-occurring mineral found in many foods we eat as well as certain toothpastes, mouthwashes and public water sources. When applied to teeth, fluoride helps protect against decay and the formation of cavities by re-mineralizing weakened enamel. Along with practicing excellent oral hygiene at home, regular fluoride treatments from a dentist can help patients retain a healthy, complete smile.

Annual or biannual fluoride treatments are considered an important part of preventive dental care and are covered by many dental insurance plans.

Who Can Benefit from Fluoride Treatment?

Young boy smiling at dentist’s office

According to the American Dental Association, fluoride treatments are safe and effective for both adults and children.

Kids especially can benefit from the added protection that fluoride provides, as their tooth enamel is weaker than an adult’s and thus more susceptible to decay. In addition, young children may be more likely to eat candy and sugary treats, which can lead to cavities, and have trouble remembering to brush their teeth twice a day. 

Regular fluoride treatments can also significantly boost the dental health of adults who are at higher risk of tooth decay, such as smokers or men and women who suffer from dry mouth.

How Is Fluoride Applied?

Woman with young son shaking dentist’s hand

Professional fluoride treatment at Saginaw Dental can typically be completed in just a few quick minutes. We will have you in and out in no time at all!

Fluoride in a dental setting often comes in the form of a gel, foam or varnish. Foams and varnishes are typically applied with a brush or swab. Fluoride gel, meanwhile, is placed in a tray that is held in your mouth for several minutes. Afterward, the tray is removed and you will rinse and spit. And then you’re done! It really is that easy.

After your treatment is complete, we recommend that you avoid eating or drinking for at least 30 minutes to allow your teeth to properly absorb the fluoride.

Depending on the state of your oral health, Dr. Renkuntla may recommend fluoride treatments every three, six or twelve months.

Finding Additional Fluoride Sources

Children between the ages of 6 months to 16 years who are at high risk of tooth decay may benefit from a prescribed fluoride supplement. In addition, toothpastes approved by the American Dental Association as well as fluoridated mouth rinses can both provide additional exposure to fluoride in between your family’s visits to Saginaw Dental. Overexposure to fluoride is possible, however, so be sure to talk with Dr. Renkuntla before starting a daily fluoride supplement.

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Are you ready to boost your smile with an extra layer of protection? Strengthen your enamel and defend against cavities by scheduling a fluoride treatment with Dr. Renkuntla today!