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Root Canal Therapy – Saginaw, TX

Comfortable Therapy to Save Your Tooth

When a tooth has developed extensive decay, it can break down so much that it reaches the vulnerable inner areas where pulp and tissue lay. If bacteria reaches this area, it can easily become infected. However, oral infections do not mean you’re forced to have the tooth extracted. Dr. Renkuntla performs root canal therapy to get patients out of pain and save their natural teeth however possible. During your appointment, he and his team will make sure that you’re feeling comfortable every step of the way. If you’re experiencing severe tooth pain, don’t hesitate to call our dental office to get started with root canal therapy in Saginaw!

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Why Choose Saginaw Dental for Root Canal Therapy?

Do I Need a Root Canal?

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If you are experiencing significant discomfort in your tooth, it’s possible that an oral infection is developing inside your mouth. However, this is not the only symptom we look for when diagnosing your condition. If your tooth is darkened in color, typically brown, black, or gray, an infection may be present. If you have a high fever, you notice extreme sensitivity to cold and hot temperatures, or a pimple-like bump develops on your gum tissue, it’s far more likely that you need root canal therapy to address your infection.

Signs and Symptoms That You Need Root Canal Therapy

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A severe toothache is a common sign of needing a root canal, but you could notice any of the following as well:

Also, in some (fairly uncommon) cases, an infected nerve “dies” without any pain. However, since there’s still an infection present, a root canal is still necessary to prevent it from spreading and putting your overall health at risk.

What Is a Root Canal Procedure Like?

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In most cases, Dr. Renkuntla can complete a root canal in just one visit. He’ll begin by completely numbing the area. Then he’ll make a tiny hole in the surface of your tooth and remove any damaged or infected tissue. Next, he’ll clean out the canals that run through the root of your tooth and fill them with a bio-compatible material called gutta percha. Lastly, he’ll seal over the tooth with tooth-colored cement.

Also, since a root canal removes a tooth’s blood supply, it will naturally become weaker and more prone to breaking. To restore the tooth’s strength and prevent further problems, Dr. Renkuntla usually recommends getting a dental crown in the weeks or months after a root canal.  

Is a Root Canal Painful?

Root canals certainly have a bad reputation, but they’re much easier than you might think! We use highly-effective numbing techniques to ensure that you won’t feel any sensation throughout the entire procedure. We also offer sedation options such as nitrous oxide so that even anxious patients can have the procedure done stress-free. Rest assured that for each and every visit, including root canals, your comfort is a top priority.

When Is It Too Late For Root Canal Therapy?

Generally speaking, the procedure should be done as soon as possible after it’s been treatment planned. If an infection in your tooth isn’t treated with root canal therapy (or an extraction) in time, it can cause several problems. First, the infection can spread to critical areas such as the brain and become very dangerous or even life-threatening.

It can also destroy the jawbone that supports the tooth and keeps it in place, leading to tooth loss (and a subsequent replacement like a dental implant or bridge). Before doing a root canal, Dr. Renkuntla will assess the health of the bone by taking an X-ray to make sure this isn’t a risk. 

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